Great picnic with Robin Poritzky-Walker, Murali Coryell, Will Gorman, Ian Segal, Greg Jackson, Mick, Clementine, Lenny Bradford, Byron “Kidd” Cage, Gabe, Rick Estrin, Dino Baptiste, Lucas, & Popeye.

Basil Charles, Samantha Goodluck, & I couldn’t make it because we were busy working to make sure the Mustique Blues Festival runs smoothly … The response has been GREAT! Thanks also to the new state of the art venue on Bequia for hosting us last weekend. We are here till FEB 2 & have a gig on St. Vincent this weekend.

THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone, friends, musicians, Mick Jagger &The Rolling Stones for continuing to show the support BLUES music DESERVES.


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