Joe Louis Walker

“a legendary boundary-pushing icon of modern blues,” - NPR


you want a piece

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JLW and his band will see you out on the road! 


Excited to announce that I am officially an ambassador of the Buddy Holly Education Foundation 

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Photo by Steve Sunderland.


JLW is proud to announce that he will be hitting the road in the US this Spring with Blue Mountain Artists

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USA - Blue Mountain Artists
BMA Tours

Phone: 704.525.1559
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JLW is excited to announce an ITALY / EUROPEAN tour this JUNE / JULY and a new relationship with BREAK LIVE MUSIC

BREAK LIVE MUSIC - European Booking Agency presents:


from San Francisco California USA
° Exclusive European Summer Tour: JUNE/JULY 2018
° Exclusive European Winter Tour: NOVEMBER 2018

Exclusive Booking Agent for Europe:
Massimo Piccioni +39.348.3890192

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Excited to get back in the studio last month ... 

Everybody Wants a Piece has been a great ride. Thank you to everyone, friends / family / fans for the support over the last couple years. The album traveled far and wide. I am forever grateful. 

But. It is time for something new. The writing never really stops. Sit tight. New music is just around the corner.

it is an HONOR to be a part of the album topping the BLUES Billboard Charts right NOW

Walter Trout's album "We're All In This Together" is making waves right now ... featuring artists like John Mayall, Joe Bonamassa, Randy Bachman, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Sonny Landreth, Warren Haynes and more

take a moment to listen to CRASH AND BURN - just a little something WALTER and I put together 


Having been a member of both Blues for Peace and Rock against Racism, I see the value of coming together. I am proposing a new initiative - Blues against Racism / Blues for Love

It does my heart and soul good to travel from state to state playing the blues for you all. The recent feeling I get from the crowds each night is that people want to come together as an expression of solidarity. Sharing in a common interest is a great alternative to the current separatist, nationalist, racist violence that has so many families / friends / colleagues afraid right now in this country, our home. No one person, or group, has ALL the answers in a time where we suffer from little to no leadership. We all need to fight this scourge as we've done many times before. I’m up for this resistance. Without government assistance, understanding and compassion start with you. And it has to start NOW!

I am calling on you, the artists, musicians, writers. Use your voice. Get out there and say what so many Americans wish they could. You have the microphone. Use it.

I will be using the tools I have over the coming months to state my opposition to this wave of fascism, authoritarianism, this anti Semitic, Islam-phobic, sexist, violent assault on us all. This is just a beginning. Let’s take a page out of the book from the recent marches, and Town Halls that are holding politicians accountable. Together let’s apply every form of peaceful resistance we can to overcome this evil.

We are all entitled to free speech. And I plan to use that right. People will exercise the same right in opposition. Let them say what they want. With everyone else’s support, there will be no reason to feel afraid. Stand up with me. Join the initiative and support it any way you can.

More to come. Music. Compassion. Blues for Love.

I'm very happy to be a part of these great projects. Thanks to the great artists for including me. JLW

Severn Records announces an October 6 release date for The Last Shade of Blue Before Black ... “Had anyone told me in 1978 that in 2017 I would still be traveling around the world and playing with the Blues Brothers’ Band, I would have said they were out of their minds,” says “Blue Lou” Marini. “But, amazingly here we are with a new CD and still playing all over the world. This album is a true labor of love and I’m so proud of the organic way it came about. We really wanted to honor our history and to include some of our favorite musicians that we’ve worked with and loved over the years. We have the legends, Eddie Floyd and Dr. John, plus our original band leader, Paul Shaffer and the great bluesman Joe Louis Walker.

AUGUST 3 in Tunica Mississippi - Night of the Living Legends with the Jus` Blues Music Foundation ... Honored to add this as a stop on the tour -

JLW - Willie Dixon Lifetime Songwriters Award Picture
Outstanding Contributions to Traditional Blues

Just nominated for the 2017 Most Outstanding Musician (Guitar) !!!

Would like to THANK Living Blues, our label, the band, TTA, Robin,Zemaitis, Jim Dunlop Guitar Products, RedPlate Amplifiers, & THE FANS ... ALWAYS an honor
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Won it back in 2015 ... Who knows, lightning can strike twice ... Right? Thanks everyone

Throwback to the 1980's Cold Is The Night

JLW in Beijing 

We were happy to have met so many people who were excited to see us perform in China. They were very knowledgeable, interested and appreciative of our music and culture. Many people from all over the world call Beijing home. Quite a few feel that Blues music captures the public's imagination and attention in a unique way. Our goal is to continue to help bring that to fruition. We thank everyone at the Blue Note Beijing for bringing us over, and in turn, for bringing the Blues to so many new ears. We look forward to returning soon. 

Thank you people of Beijing, China. You were so gracious to us and our music - Joe Louis Walker

Looking forward to September 6, 2017

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A Benefit Concert For The Blues Foundation

feat. William Bell, Shemekia Copeland, John Sebastian, Ruthie Foster, Eric Krasno, Bill Sims, Bob Margolin, Scott Sharrard, Joe Louis Walker, Marcus King, Tash Neal, King Solomon Hicks, Danny Clinch, Chris Scianni

Musical Director: Jimmy Vivino - House Band: Will Lee, Danny Louis, Leon Pendarvis, Shawn Pelton, Bette Sussman, Jerry Vivino, Erik Lawrence, Earl Gardner



Great picnic with Robin Poritzky-Walker, Murali Coryell, Will Gorman, Ian Segal, Greg Jackson, Mick, Clementine, Lenny Bradford, Byron “Kidd” Cage, Gabe, Rick Estrin, Dino Baptiste, Lucas, & Popeye.

Basil Charles, Samantha Goodluck, & I couldn’t make it because we were busy working to make sure the Mustique Blues Festival runs smoothly … The response has been GREAT! Thanks also to the new state of the art venue on Bequia for hosting us last weekend. We are here till FEB 2 & have a gig on St. Vincent this weekend.

THANK YOU AGAIN to everyone, friends, musicians, Mick Jagger &The Rolling Stones for continuing to show the support BLUES music DESERVES.


I’d like to thank the GRAMMY Foundation & nominating committee, Mascot Label Group, Tina Terry Agency, Neil O’Brien Entertainment, Veryshow, KULTOPOLUS & John Lappen. Also, Paul Nelson – Producer, Phil Magnotti – Engineer, JO JO Russo – Songwriter, Tom Perme – Tech & the great musicians that make up my BAND – Lenny Bradford, Byron Cage, Phillip Young who helped record, write, sing and play on EVERYBODY WANTS A PIECE & Travis Reed, a charter member of the band.

But mainly I’d like to THANK my Wife Robin Poritzky – Walker & Family – Lena Walker, Bernice Hardy Walker & my Grandson Germaine ( LIL G ). Thanks for your support and LUV – JLW


He had all the right moves. He played air GTR better than I was playing real GTR. Can’t wait to hear him in 10 yrs. He had all the bikers, blues aficionados, beachcombers, outta towners … all of us just couldn’t take our eyes off him. I had to get him on stage and he stole the show … WITHOUT A GTR – Imagine what he’s gonna do when he gets one!

YOUNG PEOPLE NEED ACCESS to creative endeavors. Now more than ever! Please GIVE GIVE GIVE … SUPPORT them in anyway you can … I CAN’T SAY THIS ENOUGH – THERE is great HOPE in the eyes of a child excited to LEARN and understand.